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We can create a correctly formatted email signature for you.

A correctly formatted email signature may seem like something that is not needed, but it can turn out to be a surprisingly tricky aspect of a company's marketing and branding. At first glance, it may seem easy for you to just create your own signature. However, like all parts of your branding, good design and consistency is the key to a coherent brand. Also, if the signature is not correctly formatted, it may display in a variety of undesired ways depending on who is looking at it.

The email signature process entails us creating a stable HTML file that can be added as a signature to the bottom of your email.

We can add a variety of links to different parts of the signature including;
We upload all logos and images to the internet (into your own web space), so these files are NOT attached to the email, but embedded within.
If you have ever received an email from a someone where it seems as though they have added an attachment, only to find that there are only the images of their signature, this is because they have not added a correctly formatted signature. This can be quite annoying if you ever have to search their emails for a file they have actually attached, as they all look like there is a file attached.

Some examples: - click on the thumbnail to enlarge.
email signature
email signature
email signature
email signature
email signature
Lastly there are legal requirements that must be included in some signatures, these must be included.

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