Help For Clients

This help section is for existing flymedia clients.

We will create all email accounts for you, once this is done, we will talk you through the process of connecting your email program; Outlook / Entourage / Windows Live Mail / Mac Mail / Mozilla Thunderbird etc. to our server. This we will do for free.

Obviously, if you have the confidence or knowledge, you can set up your email account as follows:

Add a created account using Mozilla Thunderbird (Our preferred email program):
1. download and install Thunderbird. You can download it by clicking here
2. open Thunderbird
3. click on 'tools' at the top of the screen
4. go down to 'account settings' and click it
5. a window will pop up, click on 'add accounts', and scroll down to 'Add mail account' and click it
6. fill in the details, you will have been sent these by flymedia.

SMTP is the server you use to send your mail through.
Most ISPs (Internet service providers) will allow you to connect to our SMTP server to send your email.
You do not 'have' to use our server to send your mail.
Some ISPs (AOL, O2 and some others) have set restrictions not allowing their broadband to be used to send mail through another server so we must use theirs.
With this in mind, if you are using a one of these ISPs, you must use their SMTP server to send mail.
Also, if you are using a laptop, which connects through different ISPs depending on where you are, sometimes you might not be able to send mail. All you need to do is change the SMTP server from our SMTP to the ISP's SMTP server. Remember some need authentication, some don't, so you might need to play around a little.

If sending mail through our SMTP server you will need to authenticate your details. This means adding your username and password to send mail.
If sending mail through your ISP's SMTP server you will not need to authenticate as you are connected directly to them, but you will need to find their SMTP server details. To find your ISP's mail server address, go to Google and search for the name of your ISP, along with the words 'SMTP server'.

If using a POP email connection, your email application will download all your emails to your computer when you press 'get mail'. Therefore there will be none left on the server. You may keep copies on the server, as a temporary backup, but these will contribute to your overall webspace usage. If this limit is met you may lose access to your email and senders will get a 'full inbox' message.
If you decide to keep a copy of the messages on the server, you do so at your own risk.
Therefore we advise that you set this feature to no more than 7 days.
7 days refers to the number of days that the email will remain on the server 'after' you download it, NOT the number of days your mail will remain on the server if not received.
The server should not really be used to store emails. Email should be regularly downloaded to your computer using your email application.

If you choose to use an IMAP connection to get and synchronise your email and folders, you will quickly reach the limit of your rented email space. With this in mind, you must take steps to archive or backup your emails to a local drive. This will then allow you to remove them from the server, so freeing up space for future emails. To backup your email here are a few guides, for Outlook, Thunderbird copy folder add-on.

when setting up any mail connection with our server, you will see a security certificate notice. you MUST trust the security certificate, then this will allow your computer to connect to our server. If you do not trust, you will not connect. You will see the certificate notice twice, once when you first receive mail, and once when you forst send mail.

IPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows phones can all be used to manage your email whilst on the move. Email on your phone is easy to set up. We simply connect your mobile phone to the mail server and use this to send and receive email. Simply use the details supplied where necessary, or call us and we will lead you through the whole process.

you will need to keep a copy of the messages on the server for your mobile phone to see what's there. So as above, using your computer's email program, adjust the settings accordingly.

All flymedia hosting accounts offer virus and spam filtering at the server using a program called mailcleaner. This means that viruses and spam are checked before they are delivered to your computer.
There are 3 choices available:
1. Quarantine: Email will be checked and 'quarantined'. It will not be delivered. You will receive a daily report of what has been quarantined. The emails in this list can then be ignored or delivered as you choose.
2. Flag: Email will be checked and 'flagged'. The email will be delivered as normal, but you will see the words [VIRUS] or [SPAM] in the title as an indication. You can then manually choose to do what you want with the mail.
3. None: No filtering, all emails will be delivered as sent.

You can access your mailcleaner report at any time at Simply type in your username and password to see the current report. From here you can manage your quarantined items, before the daily report arrives.

We use a web based email program called Squirrel Mail.
All FAQ's regarding your webmail can be found at : To access your web based email:
1. The address for web based email is ''
2. Type your username (your full email address) and password that you will have been given.
3. Your webmail page should be displayed.
Webmail access is a browser based way to see the mail on the server.
If you delete an email via webmail, it simply moves it to the 'trash' folder. emails in the trash folder are included in your webspace limit, so be sure to regularly 'PURGE' the emails, otherwise you may fill your allocated webspace with mainly trash.
If you send an email via webmail, a copy will be stored in your webmail 'sent items' folder. emails in the 'sent items' folder are included in your webspace limit, so be sure to regularly 'DELETE & PURGE' the emails, otherwise you may have full email account consisting mainly of sent items.
Mail sent via webmail will not be logged on your computer's sent items folder.
If you have exceeded you email limit, webmail will not display your emails.
You will need to use your email program to download emails, which will reduce the number of emails on the server.

What are the differences between email clients & webmail, and POP3 & IMAP Click here to find out

There are 6 pieces of information needed to FTP using your ftp program;
1. Host name / address: ''
2. Host type: UNIX standard
3. Username: you will have been given this
4. Password: you will have been given this
5. Passive transfers should be ON
6. The folder in which your website can be found is called 'public_html'

Download a flymedia recommended FTP program for your PC here and your Mac here

You can access your admin panel, to add / remove / edit email addresses, maintain your database, and change settings.
To do this, follow the instructions below;
  1. Log in to the panel (for security reasons we have not displayed this on the site, so email us for the address)
  2. Click edit databases
  3. Click on the database name
  4. Click manage database
  5. Click backup database
  6. Choose /home/ as the Backup to file location
  7. Click Backup Now
  8. You can then download the file from