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This section provides a list of commonly needed websites and information for all.


Find ownership details of a chosen domain name.

Advertising Banner Sizes
Here you can see the actual sizes and dimensions of many standard banner advert sizes used on the internet.

Screen Resolutions
When looking at this page, the largest whole size is the resolution that you screen is set at.
1024 x 768 is the industry standard optimisation size for a website. This is because most people have a screen set to this size, users with smaller screens will see scroll bars, users with bigger screens get a bit of space around the sites they see. This does not account for sites built to expand to fit the screen.

All Web-Safe Colours
This chart shows all the web-safe (stable) screen colours on a standard Mac or PC monitor set to 256 colours.
There are 216 web safe colours, written in hexadecimal form. A monitor displays colour using RED, GREEN and BLUE light. In RGB 0 is the minimum and 255 is the maximum (i.e.: 255,0,0 = pure red). On the internet hexadecimal is used, this allows 100 percent to be written using 2 characters that may not necessarily be numbers, websafe colours are always multiples of 51 when written in RGB. 00=0, 33=51, 66=102, 99=153, CC=204, FF=255 (i.e. red in HEX is: #FF0000)

People ask if we should use web-safe colours any more, my answer is no. The graphics card in nearly all modern day computers can handle thousands if not millions of colours, it seems that only emerging technologies will have trouble displaying non web-safe colours, and this should only be for a short time.

A Complete RGB to HEX Chart
This chart shows how to convert RGB values to their equivalent HEX value. The values in green are the Web-Safe values.

HTML colour codes and names
Pantone to RGB conversion chart
Colour Scheme Generator
Colour chart with meaningful/descriptive colour names
RGB Chart & Multi Tool

Lorem Ipsum
This is dummy text, created to look like the average text on a page, but to be unreadable, so as not to distract the viewer from the design, which is what they are supposed to be looking at.

forms and buttons, what they look like, for visual screen grab purposes.

Various stupid bits of JavaScript which add functionality to pages.

Font Sizes, for comparison purposes, displays Arial and Verdana in font sizes 6pt - 12pt, normal and bold.

Font Faces, commonly used web safe font faces.

Special Characters
All the special characters, not recognised by older browsers.

Internet Domain Names
Domain names, also called TLD (top level domain) are unique to each web site and are administered by ICANN.

Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name
Click here to read the articel by Christopher Heng,

Search Term Suggestion Tool, suggests search words for your site base upon your criteria.

File size / speed - Download Calculator, Use this download calculator to estimate file download or transfer speeds. Actual transfer speeds will be slower than these times due to latency, physical signalling overhead, layer 4 transport and transmission protocol overhead, and handshaking negotiation procedures like "slow start" and others.

What is a hard refresh?

various other useful links