Service Level Agreement

The Company warrants that its supply of access to the Internet shall be available at a level not less than 99.95% per month -
The "Standard Service Level Guarantee".

This warranty excludes:
failures of network/equipment/circuits not operated by the Company
failures of individual server equipment (such as hard drives)
failures of circuits external to the Company's premises
software crashes
hacking and unauthorized access to our systems
Irresponsible usage of our service by our clients

Notification of Outage and Service Interruption Events
An outage or service interruption event is defined when the Customer notifies the Company, which will be carried out in the first instance by use of the online form and then as per the escalation procedure put in place by mutual agreement.

Acts of God
In the event of suspension of Service due to a technical fault in the network or act of God, the Company will use all possible endeavour to resume service with minimum delay but will not be responsible for loss suffered by the Customer.

Scheduled Downtime
The Company may suspend the Service from time to time for necessary technical reasons and network upgrades without invalidating its Service Level Guarantee set out above.

If the event reported as per the escalation procedure is confirmed by the Company, then the Customer will receive service credit as calculated by the following formula:

The availability of the service shall be calculated at the end of each month in accordance with the following formula:

A = 100 - ( ( 100 / X ) * ( Y - P ) )

A = The availability of the service
Y = Total minutes of downtime
X = Total minutes in the month
P = Total minutes of planned downtime

Downtime is calculated from the time of notification of a fault by the Customer, and ends when the service is restored to full working order. These times will be logged and notified via e-mail.

Equipment Failure

In the event of equipment failure we will endeavour to bring the equipment back into a usable state as soon as is humanly possible, or bring the service back up on secondary equipment.

Software Crashes

In the event of server crashes we will usually get reboots actioned within a period of no more than 2 hours.

In the event that availability falls below the guaranteed level of 99.95% in any particular month, then the Company shall credit the Customer using the following guide:

% Availability % Reimbursement Maximum outage period (hours)
99.70 - 99.95 5 <2.23
99.00 - 99.69 10 7.44
95.00 - 98.99 25 37.2
90.00 - 94.99 40 74.4
85.00 - 89.99 50 111.6
80.00 - 84.99 60 148.8
00.00 - 79.99 100 >150

% Reimbursement is of the monthly bandwidth charge.