Website Design, Graphics, SEO, Social Media, for Small Businesses.

The smaller your business…
…the better.

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How can I help you?

This is what I can do for you.

flymedia is a one-stop shop for all your small business graphic design needs. I provide a personal and professional solution for all types of graphic design. I design & build websites and also provide all types of print design services. I can register a domain name for you, host your website, email and manage everything. I can also advise or manage your social media accounts, optimise your website for search engines (SEO) and even give you lessons, support, advice for any of the services provided.


A Complete Graphic Design & Website Hosting Service

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Domain Names

I can register and renew your domain name.
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Hosting & Email

I can host your website and provide email addresses.
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Logo & Branding

i can design your new logo
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Website Design

I can design and build your responsive website.
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Search Optimisation

I can help your website be found by search engines
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If you have a small business and you want a website...

…I can get you up and running easily, quickly and most importantly, personally. Just email or call me, I’ll help you all the way. You will only ever speak to one person (me) during our entire relationship. I can design your logo, register your domain name, set up website hosting & email accounts, then design and build a website for you. If you already have some of these things, I can always help with the bits that are missing.

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If you are looking for a website designer in Loughton, Essex...

…then I can help you because I live in Loughton.

We can meet, talk in person about what you do or don’t need. I specialise in website design but I’m also able to undertake any type of graphic design work. I have a degree in graphic design and have been a professional graphic designer since 1996. I can design logosstationery, labels, flyers, adverts, whatever you want. Click here for full contact details.

I aim to provide a cost-effective, personal and professional solution for all types of design work. Whether you want a simple permanent online business presence or an online shop, I can provide what you want. I specialise in working with small and start-up businesses and aim to give you the advice needed to start or grow your online presence.

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If you want a local designer who you can talk to 'face to face'...

…then I can help. I am based in Loughton, Essex, so if you are nearby then we can meet to discuss your needs. Loughton is only a few miles from Buckhurst Hill, Woodford, Chigwell & Epping. I have many clients who are based in these areas, most of whom I have met in person.

In many cases, I have been to the client’s location to have meetings, set up their email system or give on-site tutoring. I can teach you and your staff, the various aspects of the website content management system, or how to integrate your site with today’s social networks so you can be discovered in as many ways as possible.

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If you have ever thought about building your own website...

…but are wary of what may happen if something goes wrong, look no further. I can be your safety net. I have many clients who I have helped with managing their own WordPress website.

I advise them on the basics of managing their own site. Then if they get stuck, All they need to do is call me and I can help. 

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Nothing to do with flies

One business name is as good as the next.

When I was choosing a name for this business, I wanted it to be short and relevant. But I didn’t want it to be too obvious as to why I chose the name.

Way back in 1996, this type of business was known as a ‘new media’ business. Loads of companies had the word media in their name.

So, I am a graphic designer, I was going to start building websites, websites on the web. I wanted to tell people that I was there to help them. I didn’t want clients to get stuck. Stuck like a fly in a web. Simple.


When the Client is Happy

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Mr F. Ake

is not a real client
Testimonials on a website can easily be faked. Have a look at my Google business listing where you can see some real reviews.

Only One Person

I am not a company hosting thousands of sites in some far off location. I’m a real person who can really help. There’s no ‘call centre’ or ’email only’ support, you’ll only ever speak to me.

Managed hosting is the ideal solution for people who want to concentrate on what they do best. I provide a cost-effective way of hosting, that can be made as easy as you need, you don’t need any technical knowledge, I will help you at every stage.

I don’t advertise for new clients. Nearly all of my current clients know someone else who is a client. They have been recommended and so was the client before them.

Most other clients find me via a web search which proves that I know a little bit about Search Engine Optimisation.

There are no problems, just solutions.

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I have been designing and building websites since June 1997.

It's easy to have a quick chat

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We can discuss the basics of what you might need and if necessary, arrange a time to meet up in person.